Meet Martha Horn from Feather & Waves Hair Boutique

Meet Martha Horn from Feather & Waves Hair Boutique

We've had the pleasure of interviewing Martha Horn from Feather & Waves Hair Boutique, we've shared our conversation below.

Hi Martha, can you give our readers an introduction to your business?

I opened Feather & Waves Hair Boutique with one of my best friends during the pandemic, due to losing my job at a high end salon in the North End. What’s cool about us is that we (and another stylist who just joined us this spring) are all three separate businesses working under one domain. You might not know that when you are in the shop because we really work together to make it a joint welcoming and non competitive atmosphere. I really think the beauty industry has changed in the last 5-10 years for the better, where there is a lot more creativity/individuality. We all specialize in something a little different at our salon so there is a stylist for almost everyone’s style!

In your own words, how would you define success as an artist and business owner?

I recently had a new client in my book for a haircut , and when she came in she seemed a bit timid, shy, and a little uncomfortable. She told me she had never had a professional haircut before and was having her mom do it in the kitchen her whole life (go mom!)

I made sure to give her the absolute best experience , and when I spun the chair around after a simple basic haircut, she started to tear up, and gave me a huge hug as she apologized for being emotional. She said she had never felt more beautiful in her life – and that right there I will never forget because that is my mission , every single day. I truly never felt more successful and accomplished , and honored that she chose me to help her feel that way . I love making people feel better than when they walked in, weather it’s physically or emotionally!

Is there someone in your life that deserves some recognition or credit?

If you asked me this question ten years ago my answer would be VERY different. I definitely had some “tough love” from former bosses and senior stylists when I first started my journey. Leaving work crying after 13 hour days with bleeding knuckles from shampooing so much, making less than minimum wage , being an apprentice year after year for some really cut throat salons/stylists – THOSE are the people that I now look at with a lot of appreciation. I started out in a really competitive and cut throat place to realize one day I will have my own space and it will be nothing like those past salons. It made me realize what I do want and also what I DON’T want for the future of our hairstylists. Sometimes we need the bad to realize the good, and it took me a while to see it that way. It made me want to treat any of my apprentices so different and so welcoming.

Find Feather & Waves Hair Boutique online at and on instagram at @feather_and_waves and @martyhairparty

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