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Early Mornin'

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~Shhh, it’s early mornin' and you're out of bed before anyone else, which means you get a few minutes of bliss just to yourself. Still nestled in your warm pjs, the whispy steam from your hot tea hypnotizes you in a state of blissful awareness. Early Mornin' embraces us to breathe deeply several times and prepares us for the chaos of the day (or the little chaos about to wake up in 15 minutes).

Bright and citrusy, you'll experience a moment of peace as you inhale this unbelievably delicious and inviting scent of earl grey tea, bergamot with a hint of freshly sliced cucumber and lime.


11 oz. reusable glass tumbler
Burn-time 50+hrs
Branded premium dust cover
Perfect candle size for a 15x15ft space

Quality Ingredients

9.5 oz of sustainably harvested soy wax
Toxic-free fragrance and essential oils
Premium cotton braided wick for stronger hot throws

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