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Local Surf Shop

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Maybe you're someone who caught a wave on accident in '16 and still talk about it, or maybe you appreciate the surfy aesthetic but can’t catch a break. Kook or not, what's cooler than a local surf shop? Boards lining the walls, sandy old hardwood floors, colorful suits and a very chill experienced staff hoping you won't ask them their favorite surf spots.

This well-rounded earthy blend is inspired by vintage worn long boards, patchouli, aloe vera, with a kiss of creamy coconut. We're sure you haven't smelled anything quite like Local Surf Shop but it'll hit those nostalgic notes embedded deep in your olfactory (that's science for smell memories).


11 oz. reusable glass tumbler
Burn-time 50+hrs
Branded premium dust cover
Perfect candle size for a 15x15ft space

Quality Ingredients

9.5 oz of sustainably harvested soy wax
Toxic-free fragrance and essential oils
Premium cotton braided wick for stronger hot throws

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