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Sailor's Delight

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♪ Red Sky at night, sailor's delight
Blue Sky at noon, drinks by the dune ♪  (pretty sure that's how it goes)

We believe every candle line should have one staple fragrance and that's lavender, but what we've got here is one of the most luxurious lavender blends we could find. Just like calm seas, Sailor's Delight lulls you into a state of calm and being. Tops notes of ylang ylang flower mixed beautifully with lavender essence wrapped together with cedar wood.

We know we chose Cape House as our shop favorite scent, but this is our tie-breaker favorite.


11 oz. reusable glass tumbler
Burn-time 50+hrs
Branded premium dust cover
Perfect candle size for a 15x15ft space

Quality Ingredients

9.5 oz of sustainably harvested soy wax
Toxic-free fragrance and essential oils
Premium cotton braided wick for stronger hot throws

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