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White Linens

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The ultimate intention setting scent for people who just spent hours of deep scrubbing, or let's be real, for those who do a quick pick-up before their parents show up to see their first post-college apartment. This is the exact candle you want to light after cleaning.

We captured the pure scent of laundered white linens hanging up to dry in the sun, combined with eucalyptus leaf, sliced juicy lemon, fresh mint and sea salt for a clean and balanced fragrance. Burn White Linens to finish your routine, or to give off the impression that your space smells cleaner than it actually does.


11 oz. reusable glass tumbler
Burn-time 50+hrs
Branded premium dust cover
Perfect candle size for a 15x15ft space

Quality Ingredients

9.5 oz of sustainably harvested soy wax
Toxic-free fragrance and essential oils
Premium cotton braided wick for stronger hot throws

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